In Fading Light

Landscapes such as Galicia, Bessarabia, Podolia or Bukovina are no longer found on any map. There, in Eastern Europe, in a belt between the Baltic and Black Seas, lived the majority of European Jews. During the Second World War, almost all of them were murdered by the German occupiers and their collaborators. What remains are […]


Traces of Jewish Life in Galicia and Bukovina Galicia and Bukovina are not longer found on maps today. These landscapes in Eastern Europe were once sites of a diverse and colorful Jewish life. After the destruction of European Jewry during and through the German occupation the traces are still there: deserted cemeteries and the ruins […]

Journey through Galicia and Bukovina in May and April 2013 – Some Thoughts

Two weeks I traveled with my friends Petra and Achim through Eastern Galicia and Northern Bukovina. It was a very intense and emotional journey to the heritage of a vanished Jewish world. We  visited 27 towns and villages, many spots made a deep impression. With some distance I would like to summarize some experiences and […]