Vanished World 2022 Calendar For Free Download

2021 was not an easy year. The pandemic continues to have a firm grip on us and for me it was also a year of personal losses. Travelling remains difficult and is risky. But all these difficulties and losses make me look at the topic of giving with a changed perspective. Many people have given to me in the past year. They have stood by my side when I needed them. They have given me comfort or simply held my hand when there were no more words. Now it is my turn to give something. The Vanished World calendar for 2022 is now available for download and can be printed at will. The subject for 2022 is Jewish heritage in Ukraine and is largely based on a trip I undertook in August and September 2021 – one of the few trips that were possible at all last year. Have a great 2022, stay safe and healthy!

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