5 thoughts on “Imprint

  1. Christian wonderful work. I have been traveling throughout Eastern Europe since 1981 and have published several books of photography and history and make several documentary films as well on the same subject. My book A WANDERING FEAST: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE JEWISH CULTURE OF EASTERN EUROPE you might find very interesting – all about my first travel adventures and Holocaust survivors I met in 1981. My website will give you more information.

  2. very interesting. I have great interest too in the history of Galicia. Have been several times in Krakow and last Year I visited Lemberg. There is a Dutch filmmaker called Willy Lindwer who is also making a documentary on Galicia. I bought Your book and it is a wonderful book. Thank You for letting the memory of this vanished world alive.

  3. after reading the article about you i AMI magazine i was very impressed by your work and devotion – thank you for your work – god bless you

    • Dear fiend,
      Unfortunately there are some inaccuracies in the mentioned article in AMI Magazine. Author Isaac (Jack) Horowitz describes how we met “in a small, remote town in Ukraine”. This never happened; it’s a fake story. We only had two longer Skype sessions. Of course this makes the story more catchy for the audience and this is probably the reason why he quotes me with things I never said. Most of the quotes are authentic and I would have authorized them if I would have seen them in advance – but I never said that all of Ukraine’s Jewish heritage is going to disappear and I’m also not megalomaniacal enough to believe that “all we will have is my photographs”.
      Best wishes and thanks for your kind comment,

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