Bessarabian travel plans

With my friends Petra and Achim I will be on the road again; we are an experienced travel team and have already been to Ukraine and Romania together. This time it is the north of Moldova that attracts us. From 20 March on we will explore in Bessarabia what is still visible of the Jewish heritage. If you have recommendations, please do not hesitate to let me know!

1 Beltsy (Bălți), 2 Brichani (Briceni), 3 Zguritsa (Zgurița), 4 Kalarash (Călărași), 5 Lipcani, 6 Nisporeny (Nisporeni) , 7 Orhei, 8 Otaci, 9 Kishinev (Chişinău), 10 Rashkov (Raşcov), 11 Vadul Rashkov (Vadul Raşcov), 12 Soroca, 13 Alexandreni, 14 Faleshty (Făleşti), 15 Floreshty (Floreşti), 16 Markuleshty (Mărculeşti), 17 Prodaneshty (Prodănești), 18 Rezina, 19 Teleneshty (Teleneşti), 20 Vertiujeni

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Exhibition on the Holocaust in the Galician Oil Belt opened in Cologne

On 18 February ‘A Story of Destruction and Rescue’, an exhibition documenting the Holocaust in the eastern Galician towns of  Drohobych and Boryslav was opened in Cologne. The exhibition was created by an international team from Poland, Israel, Ukraine and Germany. It was already on display in several locations in Poland and Ukraine and will be shown in more places in Israel and Ukraine this summer. The Cologne exhibition will remain open to the public until 31 March.

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Three days in Riga

Latvia’s capital Riga looks back on a rich Jewish heritage from the middle ages up to the present. Riga ghetto was the last destination for many Latvian Jews as well as for those who were deported from the Reich. Today there are remembrance sites as well as a functioning Jewish community. A long weekend gave me the opportunity to have a look on it.

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