A relaxed day in Lviv

A day without excursions, a calm day – desperately needed after three very long and exhausting days. My friend Jürgen flies back to Germany in the afternoon, for me, the journey continues tomorrow. Jürgen and I strolled a bit through Lviv (Lemberg, Lwow) today.

For Jürgen it is almost the first time that he sees Lviv during daylight. In recent days, we were always up early and late back from our excursions. Now we have time to pass through the Cracow district, the former Jewish quarter of the city. Then again through the old town, through bookstores and markets. We walk out of town for Lykachiv Cemetery, then back into town to the market square to eat a delicious strudel and drinking a cognac at the Café on top of the Magnus department store.

While relaxing and writing a bit in the hotel I want to mention one thing, because it is important to me: it is every time a joy to stay at the wonderful George Hotel in Lviv. The house is full of history and the staff – particularly the team of receptionists – is so friendly and helpful, as one could wish for! Thanks for the hospitality – it is heartwarming!

Now I have some time left to rest before the trip continues tomorrow. First to Ternopil, then further into the unknown…

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