Return to Lviv

My trip is coming to an end. This morning I strolled with a group of architecture students through Chernivtsi (Czernowitz), now I ‘m after a few hours on the train already back in Lviv (Lemberg, Lwow). Ukrainians continue to mourn those killed on Maidan.

Last night at the Central Square of Czernowitz: People mourn, there’s a constant coming and going, candles are lit, people pray. Again, there are rumors that hired thugs are on the way to the city.

The next morning I meet with Silke, who works at the university, and a group of young students of architecture. Silke suggests that I show them something of Jewish Czernowitz. Most of them know already a lot, some details are new to them. They are smart young people, full of energy and with a lot of understanding of the heritage of the city.

After a long train ride I arrive in Lviv and have a moment of panic. It takes attempts at eight ATMs until I get money. A lot of people have withdrawed as much money as possible. I meet with friends and spend the evening in the most pleasant way imaginable, having long talks about the current situation and the future of the country. Those killed in Kyiv are mourned in Lviv as well. On the local Maidan thousands of candles are burning, and there’s a strict ban on alcohol in the city. Since the police has retreated, volunteers keep public order up and even regulate the traffic. Again I’m impressed by the discipline of the protesters.

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5 thoughts on “Return to Lviv

  1. I am sure you are feeling sad to be reaching the end of your voyage – ending in Lviv is always bittersweet, for me as well. Thank you for the marvelously informative posts and wonderful photos. I look forward to sharing a salo and horilka with you on some future visit. 🙂

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