A Journey in Black and White

My journey in February through Western Ukraine – through Galicia, Bukovina and Podolia – was another opportunity to take more photos for two exhibitions in autumn. Here is a first selection, including images from Lviv (Lemberg, Lwow), Sokal, Velyki Mosty, Zhovkva, Staryi Sambir, Ternopil, Sataniv and Chernivtsi (Czernowitz). What are your favorites?

10 thoughts on “A Journey in Black and White

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  4. Thank you for your blog and these photos..haunting and beautiful. I fear that as these stones are left to crumble that the history and memory of Eastern European Jewry will fade and be forgotten too.

  5. My grandfather was born in Staryi Sambir in 1897 .
    Came to Niles , Ohio in the early part of the 20th cent.
    Married a girl here , my grandmother , who was from Ternapol, Ukraine

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