At The Beginning Of A New Journey

I’m traveling in Ukraine again. Lviv (Lemberg, Lwow), some excursions and the work-camp to clear the Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) are on my itinerary. It feels good to be back!

For the first time it felt strange to fly to Lviv. Too many terrible things happened in the last few weeks. At the flight I met Ukrainians who live in Germany and whom I know from the Maidan protests in Cologne. We had two hours to exchange travel experiences – time passed quickly.

Lviv welcomes me with summery mood, warm but not hot. The city center is vibrant, street cafes are crowded. Nothing indicates a war goes on in the east of the country. Maybe more people than usual pray in front of the statue of Mary on Svoboda Boulevard. In Ukraine there are a lot of reasons to pray in these days. And again I met people I know from Cologne. It seems to me, my Ukrainian network is getting larger.

Tomorrow I will take a first trip to Uhniv via Rava Ruska – near the Polish border. Then I will continue my journey to Buchach and Ternopil and finally to Chernivtsi. There I will meet the volunteers who work in the Jewish cemetery as every year. 10 travel days are ahead of me!

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4 thoughts on “At The Beginning Of A New Journey

  1. Have a safe trip. I hesitate to write “pleasant”, because the places you will visit
    are not likely to evoke pleasant thoughts or feelings.
    Alles Gute,


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