Back to Lviv

A day without great events. A last walk through Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) and then an eight hours bus ride with the marshrutka to Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg).

The much faster train was fully booked, I had no alternative. Honestly, I love the marshrutka. It is on time, brings you everywhere and its drivers skilfully avoide all potholes and fear nothing. But eight hours is hard! I can feel every single bone. Therefore, today only a short blog post with two small discoveries in Czernowitz. A “forgotten” blessing at the front door of a former synagogue and a graffiti that says “Glory to the Jews”. Czernowitz.

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One thought on “Back to Lviv

  1. Your trip has been enjoyable. MKy only question is why is there so little on the Jews who lived in these towns in the local museums? My experience in Tarnopol is from ten years ago, but very little- or nothing- is the rule everywhere.
    Francine Shapiro

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