“Searching for Traces” is now exhibited in Frankfurt

My photo exhibition “Searching for Traces” was opened last night in “platform sarai” Gallery in Frankfurt. It can be visited until November 2.

Platform sarai is a charming little gallery in the heart of Frankfurt’s museum district and gallerist Anatoli Nat Skatchkov is a genuine Czernowitzer and an excellent producer of documentaries. Even before the Regional Association of the Rhineland agreed to exhibit my photos in Cologne, Nat said yes to an exhibition in his gallery. About 40 guests attended the opening – not a large audience – but an audience interested in the topic of the traces of Jewish life in the West of Ukraine, an audience that occupied with lots of questions. I liked it and spend hours with conversations. Thanks to everybody who came!

Thanks Nat, for making this possible, and thanks to your family – wife and children – who all helped to make the evening a success. I am grateful to all of you!

The exhibition can be visited until November 2.

platform sarai
Schweizer Str. HH 23
60594 Frankfurt am Main

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