Your Help Is Needed!

Anyone donating at least 40 Euro for women and children whose husbands and fathers have been killed in the war in the east of Ukraine, gets a high quality print of one of my photos. Three prints are available this month.

Who are the people who need our help? A few examples.

Tetyana was pregnant when her husband was killed. Five days after his death, she gave birth to their son.

Svitlana has a daughter and a son and is expecting a third child. Her husband was killed in Donbass.

Evgenia’s husband Rodion will not return from war. She will have to raise their daughter Masha alone.

For several years I have been photographing in Ukraine. Now the country where my pictures were taken and that became dear to me during my travels, is in danger. The undeclared war of Russia’s President Putin against Ukraine, has killed thousands – among them many Ukrainian soldiers. Their wives and children remain – mostly penniless and without significant State support. Women and children who never wanted this war, but are its victims now. Here’s your opportunity to help people in need and to get for one of my photos as a ‘thank you’.

The organization EuroMaidan NRW collects donations to support these widows and orphans. All members and supporters of the organization are volunteers and unpaid. The activists of the organization know the needy people in person and make sure that the donations reach the right hands. The work of the organization is fully transparent through posts at their Facebook page.

I offer three prints of my photos to support this work and people in Ukraine who need our help. Anyone donating at least 40 Euro will receive a high quality print on Hahnemühle fine art photo paper, packaging and shipping are included.

The size of the print is 45.7 x 30.5 cm (~ 18 x 12 inches). They are ideal to be framed in a passepartout of 45 x 30 cm inner dimension.

The photos are (see images above):

1. Chernivtsi (Czernowitz), Jewish Cemetery
2. Chernivtsi (Czernowitz), mortuary at the Jewish cemetery
3. Rohatyn, Old Jewish Cemetery

3 simple steps to help

If you would like to help widows and orphans, do this:

Step 1: Send me an e-mail to and make a resevation for your preferred print. Please include your postal address.

Step 2: I will give you a confirmation if the image is still available and will provide transfer details for your donation via Paypal or bank transfer. The bank account of EuroMaidan NRW is in Germany and can easely be served within Europe. Paypal is an additional international option for everybody.

Step 3: EuroMaidan NRW notifies me as soon as your donation has arrived. The organization will transfer the full amount to widows and orphans in Ukraine. As soon as I receive the notification, I will send the print – no matter where in the world you are.

Your help is needed!

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