A Long Day on the Train

Today we have reached Bukovina. It took 7 hours until our train solved the 330 km between Cluj-Napoca and Suceava. We crossed the Carpathians from west to east.

It was noon when we left Cluj. From the window we saw the new industries next to the ruins of the old in the suburbs. Then we quickly reached a rural Romania. We saw horse-drawn carts, sheeps, goats and cows. The mellow hills shifted imperceptibly into more rugged terrain. Up in the Carpathians is still snow and spring seems to be far.Nevertheless we saw the first storks in their nests.

The route followed rivers. After about 4 hours we crossed the mountain pass into Bukovina. The scenery is gorgeous. In the villages we passed through, there are still many beautiful wooden houses. Some of the places are part of our itinerary and therefore I do not want to reveal too much.

After 7 hours, just before our arrival in Suceava, a friendly passenger in our compartment revealed that she speaks German. I’m glad we did not say anything negative about Romania. We also have no reason to.

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6 thoughts on “A Long Day on the Train

  1. My family is from Suceava. the most famous Jewish person to from there was known as the Iluy of Schatz (The wonder kid of Shatz – Suceava in Yiddisch) Mei Shapira. My Great greatuncle. His Grandfather was the head rabbi in Town and is buried in the main cemetery. When I visited there I was told that there were 4 other cemeteries but they are overtaken by the bramble.

  2. Hello Christian,
    I am so excited (and a bit jealous) at your arrival in Bukovina. I have a strange feeeling that when you get to Stanestie you will pass my mother’s house. Let me know when you get there.
    By the way my book finally has finished the graphic designer stage and hopefully will be in print very soon. One of the first copies goes to you. Good luck and I am following with great interest.
    All the best,

      • In any event I am sure you will be experiencing some unforgettable things this trip to Bukovina. I so look forward to seeing the evidence through your invaluable photographs.

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