From Vatra Dornei to Rădăuţi

A great pass road crosses the Carpathians from Vatra Dornei to Rădăuţi (Radautz). On our way down to the flatlands we visited the Christian cemetery of Fundu Moldovei to honor Traian Popovici, the Jewish cemetery of Moldoviţa and two of the famous Moldavian monasteries.

Today we left the mountains. It’s a great pass road leading down from Vatra Dornei in northeast direction to Rădăuţi (Radautz) – the views are spectacular.

In Fundu Moldovei we made a brief stop to visit the grave of Traian Popovici, who saved as mayor of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) the lives of thousands of Jews during the Romanian rule in 1941. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the grave on the Christian cemetery, but it’s been a need to us to honor this courageous person. At least we discovered some interesting old crosses with Cyrillic lettering.

We took another detour to Moldoviţa – still a center of timber trade. A small Jewish cemetery can be found on a hill adjacent to the town. There are three dozen graves which are in two groups in the cemetery – mainly from the interwar and postwar periode. Although there are fresh shoots growing everywhere, one can see that someone takes care of the cemetery. Some trees have been planted and candles indicate that visitors come here.

Two of the most famous Moldavian monasteries were on our way – in Moldoviţa and Suceviţa. According to the Orthodox calendar today is Good Friday; the locals are preparing for Easter. Visitors flocked to the monastery churches; a festive atmosphere was in the air – also in Rădăuţi (Radautz), where we arrived in the evening.

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