Return to Czernowitz

In the morning we gave back our rental car and left Southern Bukovina and Romania by bus. Since some hours we are now in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) in Ukraine. It was a day without any particular discoveries, which would be worth to report here. Arriving in Czernowitz after so many returns is like coming home. With my friends Petra and Achim I had a walk through the historic city center and like every time we were charmed by the beauty of the place.

Our journey through Southern Bukovina came to an end today. Like all journeys in the footsteps of Jewish life it was moving, often sad, sometimes hopeful, never indifferent. I have to think about many things and will perhaps write something about it after a few weeks. This also concerns photography. Of course I was traveling with my old analog camera and black and white films. But I realize that my interest slightly changed towards color photography. Perhaps my focus is shifting away from past to present. I have to think this over too.

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