Two Lazy Days in Czernowitz

Sylvia and I were exhausted after our trip to Transnistria. In Czernowitz (Chernivtsi) – Sylvia’s native city – we took our chance to relax. We strolled through the streets, met friends, enjoyed the atmosphere of the city.

Sylvia has not been in the ‘Groisse Shil’ before to see the recently discovered murals. We took some pictures there. We met with my friend Mykola Kushnir – the director of the Jewish musem. We also met Tetiana who joined Sylvia’s photo workshop two years ago. Tetyana, Sylvia and I spent a nice evening with Katharina, who went to Trochenbrod with us a week ago. Tomorrow we will return to Lviv; it was our last evening in Czernowitz. We set in the courtyard of our hotel, had a last drop of vodka, and let some of the events of the recent trip pass by. It was a remarkable jouney.

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