Finally in Czernowitz

It is already our third travel day. Arthur Rindner – an old time Czernowitzer – and I met on Friday at Vienna’s airport and flew to Lviv / Lemberg. Now we are already in Czernowitz and have met the international volunteer group that will work in the next two weeks in the Jewish cemetery.

Our time in Lviv was a time of meeting with old and new friends: Iryna, a busy cultural manager; Meylakh Sheykhet, the Hasidic guardian of the Golden Rose Synagogue and impressive personality; Linda, a curious Austrian cultural anthropologist; and of course Olesya and Natalya from the great team of Hotel George. It was a pleasure to meet all of them and to explore in one way or another the city.

Yesterday, Arthur and I have traveled on to Chernivtsi. A long train ride through the beautiful Galician countryside with its small towns and idyllic villages. Today, we have already met the volunteers of SVIT Ukraine and Edgar Hauster who came by motorbike from Istanbul via Bucharest to Czernowitz. This year’s volunteers are from Ukraine, France, Finland and Germany. Perhaps local and Turkish volunteers are still to come. The volunteers of Action Reconciliation are also already in the city; one volunteer of the group we just met on the train.

Arthur and I had a first walk with the volunteers through the city – with special attention to traces of Jewish history. Arthur contributed his personal memories; I made use of my knowledge from books and interviews. It’s a nice group and I look forward to the next days with pleasure.

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2 thoughts on “Finally in Czernowitz

  1. Is there a way I can check if my grandfather was born in Czernowitz? His name was Yoil Bronstein or Brunshteyn. His father was Leib Bronstein and Dina Fraifeld. Thank you sooo much in advance.

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