On the banks of river Dniester

My friends – Petra and Achim – and I continued to explore the area east of Bălţi (Beltsy). We were in Vadul-Raşcov (Vadul Rashkov) on the banks of river Dniester and Prodăneşti (Prodaneshty), to visit the local Jewish cemeteries. Vadul-Raşcov cemetery is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen.

Today’s route is almost the same as yesterday, also this time we went to the banks of river Dniester – however a little further north. I became aware of the cemetery of Vadul-Raşcov by Simon Geissbühler, who has documented the place in his book “Like Shells on a Shore”. Thank you, Simon! The cemetery and its enviroment are indeed fascinating. The cemetery expands along the banks of the Dniester and despite all destructions it is in good condition. The interaction with the ravishing river scenery is absolutely stunning. Two hours we wandered through the cemetery, photographed or just looked in silence towards the river. The place is magical!

On the way back to Bălţi we decided to detour to Prodăneşti. I expected not much from Prodăneşti cemetery – all descriptions I could find in preparation of the trip were very vague – but I have to confess I was wrong. It is located unprotected between open fields. Playing baby goats gave this sad place somewhat unexpected cheerful. The sun was already low and threw a warm light on the gravestones, high clouds were in the sky. I never thought much of the concept of “sublime” – in both places I could feel it today. Both cemeteries are places of great dignity.

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