Bessarabia in Black and White (Vol. 2)

I continued to work on the analog black and white images of the trip to Bessarabia/Moldova in March/April. Here is the result, including photos of Jewish heritage sites in Orhei, Otaci (Ataki), Prodănești (Prodaneshty), Raşcov (Rashkov), Rezina, Soroca and Zguriţa (Zguritsa). More is coming.

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6 thoughts on “Bessarabia in Black and White (Vol. 2)

  1. Hi Christian.
    I have been following your journey documenting a vanished world. My maternal grandparents were deported from Czernovitz and died in Moghilev-Podolsky. Could you guide me to a cemetery registry and photo registry if any?
    Thank You
    Rony Eisenthal

  2. Thanks for the fascinating travelogues and pics – I’m in Odessa now, was just in Moldova (chisinau and Tiraspol – very briefly visited Jewish cemetery in Tiraspol, but didn’t have much time).

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