In Chişinău

Chişinău’s Jewish cemetery is the most important witness of the city’s Jewish past. Unfortunately it is in a miserable state – densely overgrown and with rubbish everywhere. Sylvia and I went there today.

Shortly after our arrival we ran into Irina Shikhova, the director of the Jewish museum, who has offered us and more friends of her a guided tour. We were late and lost Irina and her group again after we finally met her. We can only apologize!

We took our time to walk to through the cemetery and took pictures of the mortuary hall and other locations. Chişinău’s Jewish cemetery needs not only a clean-up but also permanent care and at least a plan for thoughtful restauration works. Otherwise this gem will soon be finally destroyed.

Today was another hot day under a bright blue sky. After the efforts of the last days, Sylvia and I were tired. We had a look on a lively market, but also took our chance to rest a bit. Tomorrow we will return to Chernivtsi (Czernowitz).

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