Recent Media Coverage

Since November there were some publications and media reports on my work. Here is a brief overview…

Maly Trostenets

Detail from Jawne memorial fountain

Detail from Jawne memorial fountain

Three of my photos have been on display in an exhibition and published in an additional catalogue on Maly Trostenets, a site of a German concentration camp and mass murder next to Minsk in Belarus. The “Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” has merits in highlighting unknown aspects of the Holocaust. The exhibition on Maly Trostenets is one of its achievements.

I have never been to Maly Trostenets; my photos were taken in Cologne. How are Cologne and Maly Trostenets connected with each other? Erich Klibansky was a teacher at Jawne, a Jewish Gymnasium for children expelled from public schools by the Nazis. Klibansky managed to evacuate 130 students to Great Britain before he, his family and the remainig students were deported to Maly Trostenets, where they were shot in prepared pits upon arrival. A fountain decorated with the Lion of Judah commemorates the 1100 murdered Jewish children of Cologne, whose names are listed on bronze plaques attached to the fountain basin. The fountain was donated by a survivor. A nearby museum, a private initiative, commemorates Erich Klibansky and the students of Jawne.


It is stunning how everything is interwoven and how we are all connected in a globalized world. Raul C. Gottlieb got aware of my work and asked for permission to translate one of my essays for Devarim, a Jewish magazine based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was my pleasure to agree. One of my images made it to the frontpage of the magazine and my essay was published in Brazilian Portuguese – including a selection of my photographs. In particular I was happy with the excellent print quality of Devarim magazine. It realy was an honour!

eJewish Philanthropy

Liam Hoare interviewed me for eJewish Philanthropy, an online magazine mainly targeting Jewish communities in the US. Here is a short excerpt from the interview, explaining what I do and why:

Sometimes people feel depressed when looking at my photos, they refer to them as a ‘heavy topic.’ I confess that I find many of the places I visited extremely beautiful. This is mainly not because of natural beauty or impressive architecture; it’s the dignity of places that can be increased by nature, weather conditions or the quality of architecture. They still stand; synagogues, cemeteries, schools, houses are still there – despite all the disasters and atrocities of the twentieth century’s dictatorships. This is dignity.

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Chişinău Jewish cemetery - mortuary hall

Chişinău Jewish cemetery – mortuary hall

Tablet is probabely the most prominent Jewish online magazine in the US next to Forwards. It’s an honour to appear there. Suzanne Selengut published an article about the state of Jewish cemeteries in Chernivtsi and Chişinău. Suzanne took her time to interview activist Mimi Taylor, SVIT Ukraine volunteer Olha Antonova, Irina Shikhova of the Jewish museum in Chişinău, and me. I was surprised by Suzanne’s way to ask question after question and to go as deep into her topic of preservation of Jewish cemeteries in eastern Europe as possible. This is realy quality journalism.

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