Zalishchyky’s Imposing Synagogue

Zalishchyky – picturesquely situated at a turn of Dniester River – had a glorious past as a resort. Some remains of a spa are still visible close to the river. Another reminder of the past is Zalishchyky’s synagogue – in the Soviet era transformed into a factory. Today, I took the opportunity to have a look on it.

I really wished I had more time for Zalishchyky – a brief look proved there is much to discover. But my time was limited and strange weather conditions didn’t improve the situation. During the bus ride it looked as it would start raining soon. When I arrived the sun came out and when I left the sky was black from rain clouds again. So my stay in Zalishchyky was just a short walk from the bus station to the synagogue and back. I hope to return one day.

Back in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz), it was my pleasure to guide the volunteers of SVIT Ukraine through the city, highlighting the traces of its multi-ethnic past. In the evening, Rabbi Glitsenstein invited us to the new kosher restaurant of his synagogue and on behalf of old time Czernowitzer Arthur Rindner I invited the volunteers for a piece of cake and a drink.

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