“Remembrance and Oblivion” Photo Exhibition Opened in the City of Bochum

Olena Petrenko’s students of Bochum University – Nina, Judith, Patrik, Sebastian, Bea and Thorben – organised a wonderful exhibition opening with a selection of my photos at Kunsthallen Rottstraße 5 in Bochum last night. Thank you all for keeping the memory of Jewish Eastern Europe alive!

Last night’s exhibition opening was a self-organised event by students of Bochum University. They managed to raise the money, spent time to choose some of my photos, developed and built displays for the frames, prepared snacks for the visitors, served them with drinks, wrote and printed a hand-out with basic information. I cannot praise their commitment enough! About 70 visitors attended the event and this is a good start for the upcoming lectures and discussions the students have in mind.

Olena, the heads of the students group and my dear friend Edgar Hauster spoke opening words; Klezmer musician Alexandre Fainchstein created the sound for the opening. Wolfram Lakaszus of Kunsthallen was a constant support. Thank you all!

The students will keep the exhibition open for visitors in the evening hours between 5 and 9 pm during the next days, until December 12. But this is not all. On December 8, a shared event by the students initiative group and Bochum’s Jewish community will take place – “Why should we be interested into Eastern Europe?” will be the topic. On December 12, Dr. Alexander Friedman will lecture about the assassination of disabled children in the by Germany occupied territories of the Soviet Union in spring and summer 1942. For next spring, more lectures and discussions are planned – long after the end of the photo exhibition. So stay tuned!

Photos on display

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