Through the Rain

A new Jewish heritage trip through western Ukraine has begun. For four days my friends and I will explore towns and villages in Galicia and Volhynia. Today, through constantly falling rain, we traveled from Lviv to Ternopil and had stops in Toporiv, Lopatyn, Berestechko, Demydivka, Mlyniv and Dubno.

Marla, Jay, Vasyl and I are already an experienced travel team since years. This time, Iryna and Anna, two young women from Ternopil who research the multi-ethnic history of their hometown’s region, joined us and contribute to the team’s knowledge of western Ukraine. Preparing the trip, we compiled a long list of places to visit during the next days.

Today, on the first day of this new journey, not everything we found was encouraging. Most cemeteries we visited were erased either by the Germans or the Soviets. Synagogues are either abandoned or they serve different purposes. Only at Mlyniv Jewish cemetery we found an ohel, obviously attracting Hasidic pilgrims. Good news come from Dubno: Reastauration works at its magnificent Great Synagogue have begun and a new roof construction already has been set up.

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5 thoughts on “Through the Rain

  1. What beautiful, sad and evocative photos. Thank you for posting, especially from Dubno, where my grandfather was born before the turn of the last century.

  2. Thank you for posting. My great grandparents were from Toporiv, so at least to see the old synagogue was good!

    Regards from northern California, Victoria Fisch

  3. Thanks for posting. Our kin are from Dubno. Who or what group is funding restoration of Dubno Synagogue?
    seeking surname Genirbarg and others
    Shirley Ginzburg

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