A last Tale to tell

During the last days I have reported on the recent trip to Jewish heritages sites in Ukraine and Moldova from February 28 to March 6. As it is somehow unconnected to the rest of the journey, I did so far not write about the day of my arrival, February 27, when my dear friend Katharina and I explored the remains of Zichron Josef Synagogue in Lviv.

Zichron Josef Synagogue is situated in the backyard of Zavodska Street 3, north of the city center. The synagogue was built in 1897 and destroyed during the German occupation. With the help of a neighboor we managed to get into the backyard and take pictures.

Two walls of the by the German in 1941 destroyed building are still preserved. Remains of wall paintings are still visible and also two porthole-like windows.

I got aware of Zichron Josef Synagogue through “Lviv interactive”, an excellent project by the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, which maps historical landmarks in Lviv.

More information on Zichron Josef Synagogue is here: https://lia.lvivcenter.org/en/objects/sichron-jozef-synagogue/

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