Vanished World Photo Exhibition in the former Jewish Prayer Hall in the Town of Horb

A selection of my photos is currently on display in the former Jewish prayer hall in the town of Horb. After the exhibition opening on 18 August, it will remain there until the end of the year.

The memorial and museum in the former Jewish prayer room in the town of Horb ( – south-west of Stuttgart – is a bottom-up initiative by citizens. Barbara Staudacher and Heinz Högerle run the place with passion. They research the local Jewish history and the history of those who managed to escape the Nazi terror and found a new home in Israel. Barbara and Heinz build bridges and gave new life to a place that was abandoned and waiting for demolition. Yesterday, I was honored by an exhibition of a selection of my photos of eastern Europe’s Jewish heritage in the former prayer room. About 60 people came to see and listen. Barbara and Heinz had arranged a framework of basic information on the regions represented in the images and a selection of books to deepen it. It was also my pleasure to publicly answer questions by journalist Michael Zerhusen and to come into a conversation with the audience. I was moved and overwhelmed by Barbara’s and Heinz’ commitment! The local press reported extensively on the event.

If you like to visit the exhibition, please check the opening hours.

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