From Lviv to Kolomyia

Last weekend my friends and I traveled through Galicia in Ukraine again – this time south of Lviv. The first day of the trip took us to Kolomyia. Along the way were Jewish cemeteries in Mykulychyn, Lanchyn, Pechenizhyn, Yabluniv and Zabolotiv.

Again, it were my friends Marla and Jay who had worked out the itinerary for the weekend. Our trip took us south to almost the border of Bukovina. I would have loved to travel on to Czernowitz. But there wasn’t enough time for that.

Our dear friends Iryna and Anna from Ternopil joind us. We are a well-established travel team. Anna is an excellent photographer and Iryna a great writer. Both of them spend their weekends exploring the region’s cultural heritage. Iryna writes about her discoveries for an online magazine in Ternopil, allowing others to share her experiences. An important task. And of course there was our dear friend and driver Vasyl, who safely maneuvered us over the bumpy roads.

The first day of the trip was less depressing than our trip last Thursday. Most of the Jewish cemeteries we visited are kept in good condition – sometimes overgrown and left to eternity, but not destroyed. The cemetery in Mykulychyn stands out due to its beautiful location. In Lanchyn we found many gravestone fragments that were brought back to the cemetery – as noted in other posts, a kind of movement in western Ukraine. The Jewish cemetery in Yabluniv is exceptional. Gravestones with beautiful baroque decor are preserved here – a rarity.

In the evening we reached Kolomyia. I felt sick because of the bumpy roads. But I quickly recoverd. The next day another adventure was waiting for us.

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