Vanished World 2021 Calendar For Free Download

Considering the past year, I assume we all deserve a small gift. I would like to give a gift to all who followed my trips through Eastern Europe’s Jewish past and present. A calendar for 2021 with some of my photos is now available for free download. In solidarity with the brave Belarusians who fight a terrorist dictatorship, I was using exclusively photo motifs from Belarus for this year’s calendar. They were taken in spring 2019 – a time when traveling was still possible and nobody thought of a pandemic to come. The images may remind us how much Belarus is part of a European and global culture.

There are two versions of the calendar for download – a German and an English one. Both contain the essential Jewish and Christian holidays (according to the Gregorian calendar).

Creative Commons License

To provide high-resolution images on-line is always accompanied by a copyright problem. The solution is a Creative Commons license. You are free to print the calendar for privat purpose but you are not allowed to reproduce the images for commercial purposes. Who makes changes to the calendar – translations into other languages or adding more holidays for example – has to make it available to others in the same way as I did.
Information on the license is available here:
If you feel confused regarding the license, please contact me!

Technical Specification

Pages: 13
File type: PDF
Resolution: 300 dpi
Color mode: CMYK
Page size: 600 x 426 mm
Size after trimming: 594 x 420 mm

It is a calendar for 12 months with a cover sheet in A2 size and file features as expected by most print shops. It makes sense to read the data sheets of on-line print shops and to make changes if necessary.

Where To Print?

Copy shops and on-line print shops offer economic processing of digital prints. A recommendation for Germany and Europe is They print a calendar in A2 for about 10 euros. I am pleased when users share experiences with other print shops in their countries.


>> Download the German version via Dropbox (PDF, 1,6 GB)
>> Download the English version via Dropbox (PDF, 1,6 GB)

Be patient. These are big files in high resolution print quality and they need time to download. Try again if Dropbox is over capacity. You do not need to register to Dropbox to download the files. Mind the download button on top of the dropbox website.

I wish you a better 2021!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

9 thoughts on “Vanished World 2021 Calendar For Free Download

  1. Thank you so much.! My family roots were from Kamenets-Litovsk where my parents and some family emigrated to Canada in the 1920’s. Many, however, that were scheduled to arrive, did not make it, and perished in the Holocaust during the WW2. Esther Weinstein,in Canada.

  2. Hello Christian. Long time since we have been in contact. Are you familiar with this book?
    “A Vanished World” by Roman Vishniac, 1983, beautugul photographs of remote Jewish communities from before WWII, you will love it.
    Connection to your blog is obvious 😉
    Carol Elias

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