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Christian Herrmann
In schwindendem Licht | In Fading Light
Jüdische Spuren im Osten Europas | Jewish Traces in the East of Europe
Lukas Verlag
180 pages, 110 full colour photos
Text in German and English
230 x 220 mm
Foreword by Adam Kerpel-Fronius
To be published in September 2018
ISBN 978-3-86732-301-7
30,– €

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Christian Herrmann
reserv-art Verlag
Prefaces in German by Jürgen Wilhelm, President of the Regional Assembly of the Rhineland, and Lothar Altringer, head of the Photographic Collection of the Regional Museum of the Rhineland, as well as a postscript by the author
64 pages with 52 full-page photos in black and white
28 x 22 cm
19,95 €

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6 thoughts on “Books

    • It would be impossible to measure what this author/photographer gives to the Jews of former Bukowina.

      His keen eye, his dogged intelligence and his starkly beautiful images have put him right at the heart of a deeply appreciative community.

      The graves may be crumbling and the cemeteries neglected, but there are individuals, in Eastern Europe and yes, in Germany, who have are devoted to the preservation of our decimated cultural history – even when it is not their own. As instruments of reconcilation and peace, their art, their photographs, films and their voluntary work are equal to the greatest achievements of the greatest diplomats of our time.

      Christian is one of them.

    • I have followed this gentleman for years. When you understand the decent motivation and dogged commitment of Herr Christian Herrmann to raise peoples’ awareness of this tragedy and motivate change, you realize that the above is superficial and without merit.

      With gratitude,
      Frederick W. Kron, M.D.

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