The Lost Synagogues of Chernivtsi – A Correction

April 29. My fellow travelers and I have time to stroll through the streets of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz). As always, it is wonderful to be here. In October last year I wrote about the lost synagogues of the city. Berti Glaubach then made me aware of an error. Now I have a chance to correct my mistake.

Berti wrote:

I lived on Stefaniegasse 2a (now Gorki 4) and also on No 2. In the 30s there was no Shil there.

The green house on your photo was not a shil. (…) The Stangerische Shil I passed every day when going through the house Stefaniegasse 3 to my primary school on Gregorgasse.

There was always some praying going on inside you could hear outside when passing it. The passage was possible even in October 1941 when the Ghetto was not yet concentrated to the eastern side of the Hauptstrasse. Today you can’t use this way because it was closed by some workshop or garage.

Berti was unmistakable right. The green house was no synagogue, but the building next to it. It now serves as storage space for a workshop. The windows are partially broken, there is rubbish everywhere around. Prayers are heard no more.

Thank you, Berti, for your reference!

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4 thoughts on “The Lost Synagogues of Chernivtsi – A Correction

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    • Thanks Rachel – but I only did a very small act in sharing this wonderful blog with JewishGen mailing lists. I, too, am moved by Christian and his ability to make this trip come alive. Thanks and congratulations go to Christian – my dear friend who I hope to meet in person one day.

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