Galicia and Bukovina in Black and White (1)

Analog photography is not for the impatient. Through digital cameras we are used to check a picture directly. Images on film are different. Two weeks after the trip through Galicia and Bukovina I got the developed black and white films and the scans of the negatives. A first impression and a first selection.

13 films with 36 images, which makes about 450 pictures. It takes time to look through them. Around 60 I sort into a pre-selection. At the end of the process, only about 20 will remain. Now it’s no longer about individual travel experiences. It’s about composition and ligh conditions. I change the file names from chronological to alphabetical. This helps me to focus on the formal aspects.

Some motifs disappoint, other images are unexpectedly great. I’ve always thought when taking pictures that the many power cables are an obstacle. Now they suddenly appear as structuring elements.

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