Galicia and Bukovina in Black and White (2)

Here it is, the second half of the selection of black and white photos from the trip through Galicia and Bukovina in April and May 2013. The journey finally comes to an end and something new starts.

Now the selection has to be reduced further. The work on the prints begins. Dust needs to be retouched, contrast and gradation to be corrected. Then we will see if from the details arises a coherent image. And if this image speaks to the observer. A new journey.

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3 thoughts on “Galicia and Bukovina in Black and White (2)

  1. Thank you for the trip. It was both wonderful and historical and gave me a sense of what life was like for my ancestors.

  2. Like others, I want to say thank you for posting these restraints words and b&w images that bring a bit closer a long gone world of my ancestors.

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