Back on the road

Welcome back to the world of potholes! It was impossible to get train tickets from Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg) to Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) for today. The only alternative: 8 hour bus ride with a marshrutka (local mini-buses). At 34° C this is not a pure pleasure.

My fellow travelers Ingo and Sabine have chosen another option: they will go on Saturday to Chernivtsi – then train tickets are available again.

But I have two appointments tomorrow and have no alternative. Over the bumpy roads, the route leads in a wide arc across Ternopil and Chortkiv southeast. It reminds me of my trip in April and May, only that everything must be done in a day now. Despite the heat and potholes, it is a nice ride. Galicia flourishes in yellow. The storks turn in circles in the sky. And then finally Chernivtsi! Nice to be here again!

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6 thoughts on “Back on the road

  1. I wish I could accompany you in this trip. It is an adventure into the rough. I like this.
    I am now to old & derelict. Have a safe trip with Ingo und Sabine.
    Wunsche euch eine gute Reise Fred.Weisinger

    • Galina, the “world of potholes” was a refference to a trip in spring when the local roads were a permanent chalenge to us and not a synonym for Ukraine. Nobody forced me to go here. I go because many places are fascinating, and if you read more of the blog you will understand that I love the region – even if many things are tragic here. The locals have no choise. They depend on this infrastructure. This is not because Ukrainians can not build good roads. They can. It is because of the daily corruption. A small minority profits from public money that is used for street construction. A majority has to suffer from this. This is what I would call “arrogant, rude, and disrespectful”.

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