Back in Ukraine

Cologne – Vienna – Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg), Austrian Airlines brought me and my friends Ingo and Sabine safely to Ukraine today. It’s nice to be back, good to know that you will stay at the wonderful Hotel George, nice to know that you are welcome there. The first thing we tried to do: buy train tickets. Tomorrow afternoon we hopefully continue to Chernivtsi (Czernowitz). There are unforeseen problems with the train reservations, which we hope to solve tomorrow.

In Czernowitz an exciting time is ahead of us: We will meet the volunteers who are working this summer at the Jewish cemetery and take them with us for city tours and excursions. Some of them we have already met in Lviv today: Katja, Miriam and Robin. At the same time an international youth exchange will take place. This group we will meet too. And especially I look forward to the reunion with Julia, who directs the volunteer service SVIT Ukraine, with Sylvia, who originates from Czernowitz and today is a respected photographer in America, and Jasmin, who already directed the Workcamp of 2008 at the Jewish cemetery.

I hope it will be possible to report daily. Stay tuned!

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