A walk through Czernowitz

A morning without obligations. This gives me the chance to take a walk through the city. It’s hot, the sky is bright blue. The city is beautiful.

I am looking for houses of former Czernowitzers. By email they asked me to take pictures and send it to them. This way of searching is fun. It opens your eyes to the history of the city.

In the afternoon I did a long walk with the volunteers through Jewish Czernowitz – from the bourgeois upper town down the old Jewish quarter. Sylvia, who originates from Czernowitz, is again with us and enriches the walk with her knowledge.

Tonight my friends Ingo and Sabine will arrive from Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg). At 11 pm I’ll pick them up from the station. And tomorrow we expect a long bus ride through Galicia and Bukovina. Expectations could not be better.

4 thoughts on “A walk through Czernowitz

  1. Christian – Thank you for today’s photos. What a sky! On Golovna, formerly Hauptstrasse, you must have been very close to the buildings we are looking for. Enjoy your visit. Best wishes, Jean

  2. Totally beautiful, Christian! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. Everything you are doing is appreciated very much, always.

  3. Christian:
    Great photos, thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful visit with your friends.
    Best regards,
    Simon Kreindler

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