A trip through Bucovina

Sunday is a free day for the volunteers who clear the Jewish cemetery of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) of shrubs and vines. Today, an excursion is on the agenda. Vashkivtsi, Vyzhnytsia, Kosiv, Storozhynets and the local Jewish cemeteries.

The trip is a shtetl tour, a trip to places where mainly Jews lived until the German and Romanian occupation. What remains are the cemeteries. There are almost no Jews in these places any more. Each cemetery has its own atmosphere, its own local flavor. We were lucky with the weather. Today it is cloudy, even some raindrops fall. From the heat of the last few days nothing is felt, it is fresh. A pleasant weather. Our Ukrainian driver brings us safely and with amazing speed from place to place. My friends Sylvia, Sabine and Ingo accompany the volunteers.

A little disappointment there is at least: The big crafts market in Kosiv is closed. I was so sure that it is only open on Sundays. Either they have changed the date or I was wrong. We are told that we should have come on a Saturday. After all, we can find some shops in the town center with local crafts.

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2 thoughts on “A trip through Bucovina

  1. Thank you for the post and most recent photos, Christian – they say so much about the commitment and care. I do hope to join the group next summer, and while I do not have family from Czernowitz, I feel like we are all of one family.

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