Farewell Czernowitz!

Tomorrow we will leave for Lviv. Our last day in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) is also our most relaxing one. For the first time it is a day without obligations. One last day to stroll through the streets – almost without having to think about an appointment.

For a last time we meet the volunteers who work at the Jewish cemetery, and say goodbye to them. I’ll miss them. They are wonderful people. I take pictures of a few more places of which I have promised people send them photos. We pass the school of Karl Emil Franzos, the residence of Olga Kobylanska and the birthplace of Paul Celan. For a last time we eat at my favorite restaurant “Korchma”. I meet at noon with Mykola Kushnir, Director of the Jewish Museum, whom I have learned to appreciate very much. In the evening we meet with Iryna Vikyrchak, one of the organisers of the “Meridian Czenowitz” poetry festival . My contacts and friendships in the city get more. I like that. I will miss Czernowitz, but I’ll hopefuly return. Farewell Czernowitz!

3 thoughts on “Farewell Czernowitz!

  1. Christian

    Thank you for all the commentary and photos you have posted here. Enjoy your last ‘relaxing’ day.

    Best wishes

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