Lviv welcomed me with snow

After so many years of returning, it is a kind of homecoming when I go back to Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg). This time, Lviv welcomed me with snow. Upon my arrival at the airport heavy white snowflakes were falling and now it looks like it will not stop. A nice start for a new journey.

Since Wizzair has canceled its cheap flights from Dortmund, conditions of travelling to Lviv became more difficult for me. What used to be an 6 hours trip from door to door – from my front door to my beloved George Hotel – is now an twelf-hour journey via Frankfurt and Kiyv. But I will not complain. I’m glad to be here.

I have time to stroll a bit through the city tomorrow. On Sunday I will continue to Trochenbrod – an all-Jewish town that has ceased to exist, yet became famous by Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel “Everything Is Illuminated”. I probably will stay in Lutsk, which is very close and then travel on to Rivne, Dubno and Ostroh. As always, you – the readers – are invited to join me.

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One thought on “Lviv welcomed me with snow

  1. Christian…
    We are following your’s every step. Stay warm, keep cool and plase share your findings with all of us! Congratulations on your new book to be released in January and take your time for photos for Volume 2! Warmest wishes from Rheinberg and Happy New Year! Edgar Hauster

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