A Winter Journey In Black And White

At the turn of the year I traveled in Ukraine again. This time I was in Volhynia (Volhyn), a historical region between Galicia and Belarus. My trip took me to Trochenbrod, Lutsk, Rivne, Dubno and Ostroh. Back in Lviv, I made an excursion to Olesko and Busk in Galicia. Now I have completed a selection of black and white photos of the trip.

Working on the photos has taken longer than usual. My photo lab delivered for the fourth time in a row completely unacceptable scans. Since they have purchased a new scanner in the past year, they have technology apparently no longer under control. I do not want to complain about the result each time, but need a reliable partner. I have now hopefully found one in a small store in Bonn. The results are good, although I have to touch up more dust.

The rest is the usual work process. I try to separate myself from the subject of the picture and endeavor to see only the photographic aspects. The selection is getting smaller each time and the view more critical. What remains in the end, is hopefully something with a meaning to the spectator.

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