Plans for April

In the first half of April 2015 I will be back on the road with my friends Petra and Achim. We are an experienced travel team. Among other trips, we were traveling two years ago in Galicia and Northern Bukovina in Ukraine. This time Southern Bukovina, by now the Romanian part of the former Austro-Hungarian crown land, is waiting for us. I compiled a list of places to go, but I’m sure there are knowledgeable readers who have good suggestions for more destinations!

Travel Destinations in Southern Bukovina

Travel Destinations in Southern Bukovina

1. Campulung Moldovenesc, 2. Gura Humorolui, 3. Solca, 4. Arbore, 5. Radauti / Radautz, 6. Moldovita, 7. Siret, 8. Mihaileni, 9. Dorohoi, 10. Suceava, 11. Botosani, 12. Vatra Dornei, 13. Săveni, 14. Colacu (Fundul Moldovei), 15. Carlibaba, 16. Iacobeni, 17. Burdujeni, 18. Itcani, 19. Vama, 20. Bucecea

Although we are a team, there is a role for everyone. Achim will safely ride our rental car again, and Petra is responsible for the selection of hotels – during the last trip she proved a keen sense for it. My role is to select the destinations and to make suggestions for the day stages. After I was knocked down by a bad cold early in the week and was forced to stay at home, I finally found the time to fulfill my duty. The result is a list of 20 towns and villages where the traces of Jewish life are still visible.

20 towns and villages with several objects to visit in almost each of them is hard to manage within two weeks. And an important point of interest is not even covered by the list: the famous monasteries of Bukovina. Perhaps it is not wise to extend the list of places beyond the eastern border of Bukovina. But it’s easier to cut a list as needed, than to extend it spontaneously.

However, the list could quickly get even longer, because I’m sure there are readers who have suggestions for more destinations. And of course I would love to hear them!

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11 thoughts on “Plans for April

  1. Hello Christian This sounds wonderful! I have been to many of these places while doing research for my books. They involved Olga Kobylanskia who grew up in Campulung and Gura Humoro and Suceave. Also went to Moldovita and Siret etc….I love the Romanian countryside and have friends who own a B&B in Campulung who I can contact if you are interested. They are very hospitable and educated and would love to show you around. Wish I could go with you… Best regards Cora

  2. Hi Christian – Would like to suggest some of the small towns just north of Radauti. Merle and I both had some family in these towns and they seemed to be connected to the Radauti Jewish community. These are Fratautii Vecchi and Putna. Also, to the west of Radauti, I know there were one or two Jews still living in Marginea. If you need contacts within the very tiny Jewish community of Radauti, I think I can email you their contact info. Can’t wait to follow you on this journey! Bruce

  3. Some of my ancestors lived in Pozorita which is near Campulung Moldovenesc. They were all involved in forestry. For selfish reasons, it would sure be great if you went there and collected information and eventually posted it!! Also, I have seen several photos of the Carlibaba cemetery. The only tombstone that was legible (to me) happened, by huge coincidence, to be that of a great-great aunt. Enjoy your trip.

    • I have only been to the small part of Bessarabia which is now part of Ukraine. Going to Moldova is still something I have in mind and will do it maybe next year. Let me know if you have recommendations! And thank you for the warm words!

  4. Hi Christian,
    I was introduced to your blog by my cousin Lili that leaves in Dusseldorf, we grew up toghether, my father was born in Vama & my mother in Gura Humora and were probably among the few that survived the Holocost in Transnistria. They came back to Bucharest where I was born. They never talked much about it, I couldn’t find any pictures or documents from that period of their lives and I do not have many traces about their path, I know that my grandfather (my mother father) was the manager of the local train station, I think about going my self to that region to explore the area, I will follow your road and thank you so much for brinigng forward this history.
    Good Luck

  5. ? מכיר המשפחה של אבי המנוח מקרליבאבא כמו כן גם סבי גר ונפטר שם משפחת לאופר, האם מישהו מכיר

  6. Hi, Christian! Your work is wonderful! Congratulations! On the 8th of July 2015 it will take place a great event in Dorohoi, Botosani county – commemoration of 75 years from the anti-Jewish Pogrom . There are some important activities and I will be glad to inform you about it!

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