Some progress in Czernowitz

It was a gray day in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) today. For three hours I went for a walk in the Jewish cemetery – a place which speaks about one and a half centuries of life of one of the most important Jewish communities in eastern Europe. There is good news to report, the situation has improved since my visit last summer. Most of the ways and pathes are cleared and accessible. Large parts of the cemetery have been cleaned – and this was done very thorough and sustainable. The various initiatives to maintain the cemetery finally have an effect. But now the destructions of the past are getting visible. A new challenge.

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One thought on “Some progress in Czernowitz

  1. Just arrived back from a Holocaust remembrance ceremony in English in Tel aviv that was sponsered by an American/israeli organization, Forever Israel Foundation. i was one of tge featured speakers being the descendant of Holocaust survivors. The ceremony although sad of course at times, was more geared toward the future generations and was quite uplifting.

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