Bukovina in Black and White

So far 2015 was a busy year, four times I have been to Ukraine, once to Romania. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have traveled too much. For months I was not able to edit the black and white photos of my journeys properly. Now I’m happy to be home and finally have time to work on the photos. Here is a selection of black and white images of the journey through Bukovina in April.

The photos were taken in Siret, Arbore, Solca, Rădăuţi (Radautz), Carlibaba and Vatra Dornei in Southern Bucovina and in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) in Northern Bukovina. Most of them have already been printed and I’m happy with the result. They will broaden the scope of future exhibitions. Photos of the trips in June and July will follow within the next weeks.

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One thought on “Bukovina in Black and White

  1. hello friends..

    my great grandfather immigrated from arburra /abore in 1902…the name was scherzer or there abouts…does anyone know or have any information on that name? thanks for any help that can be provided…

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