Brodno Cemetery in Black and White

To visit the Jewish cemetery in the district of Brodno was one of the most impressive experiences during my trip to Warsaw in December. Some days ago I received the scans of the film negatives. Here is a first selection of the black and white photos.

The cemetery of Brodno was devastated during the German occupation, but it were the Communist postwar authorities who destroyed it finally. The grave stones were torn out and collated at a central point. Today this part of the cemetery is a sea of grave stones. Some of the stones were assigned as building material. They were used for pavilions in parks or as a mount for a Soviet Memorial. What has been done to objects – in this case grave stones – speaks until today about the violence that was done to the people. Brodno cemetery remains a puzzle that no one can put together. Destruction is something very sustainable.

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5 thoughts on “Brodno Cemetery in Black and White

  1. Hi, I’ve learned of your work from Virtual Shtetl. I live in Argentina with my family who are all polish jews descendants, some of them Holocaust survivors. I thank for your work and for making it public. I hope to visit some places in Poland in the future, meantime your photos are an inspiring journey.
    Best regards,
    Andrea Szapiro

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