Bessarabian travel plans

With my friends Petra and Achim I will be on the road again; we are an experienced travel team and have already been to Ukraine and Romania together. This time it is the north of Moldova that attracts us. From 20 March on we will explore in Bessarabia what is still visible of the Jewish heritage. If you have recommendations, please do not hesitate to let me know!

1 Beltsy (Bălți), 2 Brichani (Briceni), 3 Zguritsa (Zgurița), 4 Kalarash (Călărași), 5 Lipcani, 6 Nisporeny (Nisporeni) , 7 Orhei, 8 Otaci, 9 Kishinev (Chişinău), 10 Rashkov (Raşcov), 11 Vadul Rashkov (Vadul Raşcov), 12 Soroca, 13 Alexandreni, 14 Faleshty (Făleşti), 15 Floreshty (Floreşti), 16 Markuleshty (Mărculeşti), 17 Prodaneshty (Prodănești), 18 Rezina, 19 Teleneshty (Teleneşti), 20 Vertiujeni

As with other trips in the past, I did some research in advance. Helpful were the report “Jewish Heritage Sites and Monuments in Moldova” by the United States Commision for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, the website of the Jewish Museum in Kishinev (Chişinău), “Like Shells on a Shore” – a beautiful book by Simon Geissbühler, the JewishGen website and some other online ressources.

As always, I will try to report day by day during the trip at the Vanished World blog. Stay tuned, share your suggestions, let me know if you recommend contacts and locations, and keep your fingers crossed the gods of the internet may be merciful.

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16 thoughts on “Bessarabian travel plans

    • Yedenetz is the place were my mother was born and her family lived until they left before the war and settled in Colombia South America. My maternal grandparents were Joseph Fishman and Sara Grusman, they had 4 children: David, Rusie (my mother), Elke and Moishe. My name is Esther Goretsky Fishman. I was born in Bogota, and live in a kibutz in israel since 1962.

  1. Christian, congratulations for your new tour. I see you have omitted Hotin. Today it belongs to Chernowitz region as it is West of the Dniester but it was Bessarabia Before the Soviets and the Jews spoke Russian. Has an old fortress that held up Turkish attacks many years ago. Yearly Battle of Hotin commemoration. Hardy

    • My maternal grandfather, Henoch Ousner/Osner, his two brothers, Yankel and Yossel and their parents, Yisroel Moische and Fradl came from Hotin.
      Yossel’s wife, Sarah and her brother, Isaac (Issey) and their parents, Estia and Hannah Doodovitch, came from Kornovitsy, (Chernovitsi), Russia.
      My maternal grandmother, Ester Benita and her father, Chaim Fischel Borziansky came from Kamenetz-Podolskiy, Ukraine.
      Sadly, that’s all I’ve been able to discover but, since I knew nothing but my grandparents’ given names when I started, I’m fairly pleased with myself!! Myra. South Australia.

      • My great grandparents: Avrum Rennert and Chia(?) Kiermeyer came from a very small town to the west of Chernovitz (Austria/Hungary? now Romania)

  2. Christian… Do post the details of your Bessarabia travel plans to the Czernowitz List, and also links to whatever you post daily from your journey — that way you will as on past travels, have the entire list for travel companions.
    The very best for a productive and safe adventure!

  3. Christian, have a safe, productive trip and lots of sunny days! Looking forward to your wonderful photos and your always interesting commentary. Simon

  4. During the Holocaust, near Odessa, Ukraine, my grandfather lost his parents to starvation (Domanovka Ghetto). At some point towards the end of the war, there was an orphanage set up by Romanian Jews and he was taken in by them. In my grandfather’s testimony to the Shoah Foundation, he mentions the name of the director of the orphanage, Mr. Felstein. By means of a simple Google search, I was able to find one photograph and mention of this man. I would love to find his descendants (children or grandchildren) if possible. His likeness and character was used in my graphic novel depicting my grandfather’s experience, so I’d love to share this book with Mr. Felstein’s family. Here is that photo:
    Anyone know how his family can be located?

    Here is a link to info on my book:

  5. Thank you very much Mr. Hermann.
    Your blog opened my heart and eyes, much appreciation!
    I am interested about Lipcani, as well if this town still exist? How can i get more information pls?
    My Grandfather was a Baker and use to have a Bakery there before WW2.

  6. Dear Christian,
    Heartily thanks on your kind reply.
    I would like to see the “Little town”, the Cemetery, the place of my grandfather’s Bakery, to see what remains after the expulsion of the Jews, to see the place where my father was born and use to tell me about. He went to Israel in 1920’s’ and left nostalgia and anxious to his family.
    I want to know perhaps there is a list of residents before WW2. There or elsewhere that can light my knowledge about the family i belong to.
    I couldn’t reach anything on the GJ website. (Yet)
    I don’t speak Russian, but i would like to visit………:-)

    Much appreciation,

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