SVIT Ukraine’s work-camp in Chernivti (Czernowitz) has begun

The annual work-camp by SVIT Ukraine to clean the Jewish cemetery of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) of rampant vegetation has begun today. It is already the 9th work-camp since 2008. Young people from all over Europe and from Japan (!) came together to work during the next two weeks together. It was my pleasure to meet them today.

Two old time Czernowitzers – Sylvia de Swaan and Arthur Rindner – came from America and Israel to meet the volunteers and to share their memories – something that makes this event special. A first meeting took place in the morning at the Jewish cemetery. Together we explored this unique place, searching for its history and meaning. Later in the afternoon we met again to have a walk through the city and a drink in a restaurant to become more familiar with the city’s history and each other. This is again such a nice bunch of people and I just feel sorry that I was so lazy with my camera when I hung out with them. But this was not the last day and I hope to share more impressions with you soon.

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6 thoughts on “SVIT Ukraine’s work-camp in Chernivti (Czernowitz) has begun

  1. I will be travelling to Czernowitz from Auckland, New Zealand in late September this year. My time in Cz is brief and in early October and I’m sure no one has visited my ggrand parents graves since before the war as there has been no family in Cz. Using Bruce and Mimi’s expert cemetery map with overlay I’m pretty sure I know where these graves are. At this stage the graves I’ll be looking for are Jakob FLINKER and Rabbi Nissen WEINBERGER and his wife Chinke. The next generation of the family disappeared during WW2 their fates we have never stabilised. I am also keen to view the family homes, Rathausstrasee 15 where my grandfather lived and where my father was born in 1910 which very kindly Berti Glaubach told me some years back this is now Golovna 61, correct? And Russischgasse 1 was where Jakob died in 1914 perhaps this was a hospital? I will simply relish walking the streets.
    I am finding it hard to comprehend that I will be in Cz in just a few weeks. Any helpful suggestions gratefully received.
    Jill Rothwell (Bieder)
    New Zealand

  2. Congratulations Christian for your leadership and persistence over the many years of this project and to all those who work with you! Chapeau!

  3. My great grandfather emigrated from Czernowitz in 1888, and I believe that his father Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Zellermayer and his mother were buried in that cemetery, so I thank you very much for the work done by your group. Does anyone know if these graves were photographed, and if so, is there a way to see these photographs. Again, many thanks to all of you for your work.

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