To Sadagora with the Volunteers

The volunteers of SVIT Ukraine continued their work in the Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) today. It is hard physical work and after a five hours work-day all were exhausted. But the work-camp is not only about work; it is also about experiencing the multi-ethnic past and present of Bukovina. Today we went to Sadagora – once an important Hasidic court.

There are mainly good news from Sadagora. The works for the restauration of the synagogue are almost completed. Moshe – the coordinator of the works – guided us around. The opening of the synagogue will take place in two months in the presence of the Sadgurer Rebbe and his followers, Moshe said.

Not only the synagogue has been renewed but also the ohel with the graves of rabbi Israel Friedman – the founder of the local Hasidic dynasty – and its close relatives. But meanwhile the Jewish cemetery itself is in danger to overgrow again. While it was in good shape just a view years ago, some parts are already inaccessible now.

After work and sightseeing we were all glad that Arthur Rindner, an old time Czernowitzer, invited us for dinner. Thank you Arthur!

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