Working on a new Book

Because I have not published anything on Vanished World since July, there were already worried inquiries whether I’m fine. Yes, I’m fine and I’m working on a new photo book on Eastern Europe’s remaining Jewish heritage – mainly consisting of images from Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Poland. The result of countless trips. Have a first look in!

The book will be released after the summer break in 2018 and will be more comprehensive than my first book. With Edition Böttger I found a publisher and also funding made progress. I’m very proud to announce that I will cooperate with Ania Nałęcka-Milach of Tapir Book Design, one of Poland’s most prominent book designers.

Photos in the book will not be sorted by regions or obvious topics like synagogues or cemeteries, rather I think of clustering groups of photos to more open themes like “before remembrance comes forgetting” or “the dead continue talking, while the living keep silent”.

Preparing the new book is a lot of work and during a full work week I just have the weekends and evenings to check what is in my archive and to edit the photos. This explains but does not excuse the long silence at the blog. And the biggest part of work is still to come: deciding what to choose and what to leave out, clustering the photos, than editing again and finally going into the process of designing and production.

Today I post a small selection of what will be in the book and more will be added hopefully after the upcoming trip to Ukraine from November 18 to 28. Stay tuned!

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