A new Experience

Today, a new journey to Jewish heritage sites has begun and it is different from all others before. I’m going to guide a group of 16 Germans through Galicia, Bukovina and Bessarabia in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. We started with day trips from Lviv – while one part of the group went to Drohobych and was guided there by the wonderful Tanya Firman, the other part went north to Zhovkva, Uhniv, Belz and Velyki Mosty.

Our route will lead us southwards – tomorrow to Ternopil, further to Chernivtsi and finnally to Chişinău. There will be no extensive photo shootings this time and also not much time to write a lot. But nevertheless I will try to report as good as I can by snapshots from the places we visit. So stay tuned if you like to join us virtually.

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5 thoughts on “A new Experience

  1. Thank you for what you do.

    My mother was born in Drohibych in 1908. The family lived at #1 ulitsa sobieski. She emigrated with her parents and grandparents in 1912.

    My grandmothers two sisters stayed in Drihibych with their children and were taken to the forests in 1942.

    My mother list 23 members of her family. No one survived .

  2. Christian, I’m sure your group will have a fantastic tour. You have been deeply involved in the Jewish heritage of the area for so long and know the towns and shtetls better than most. Wishing you good health and continued success.
    Simon Kreindler

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