From Bukovina to Bessarabia

Yesterday, we followed the traces of the Hasidic courts in Bukovina and neighbouring Galicia. We have been to the towns of Sadgora, Kuty and Vyzhnytsia – and the day before we saw how the renovation of the magnificent mortuary of Chernivtsi cemetery makes progress. Today, we went on to Bessarabia in the Republic of Moldova. Lipcani and Briceni were on our way to Bălţi, where we are right now. Now, in spring the Jewish cemeteries are beautiful enchanted gardens. Here are some photo impressions.

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6 thoughts on “From Bukovina to Bessarabia

  1. Thank you for the beautiful images. I would love to know more about Lipcani, where my mother was born.

  2. Cemetaries are not the usual or only measure of a culture. This helps me see more of what my ancestors experienced. My family left before the Shoah. Probably because of Pogroms. It most have been so hard to leave and more so to stay.

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