A Time Of Gifts: Calendar For Free Download

Hanukkah and Christmas are coming closer – a time of gifts in which I would like to give a present to all who accompanied my trips to Eastern Europe’s Jewish past and present via Facebook and my Vanished World blog: a calendar for 2016, which can be downloaded for free and be produced on your own printer or at an on-line print shop.

A friend asked me recently if she could get some of my photos for a calendar, to give as a gift to her parents. I was skeptical at the first moment, because I thought a calendar is a rather trivial thing. But then I liked the idea of people accompanied by the pictures of a vanished world throughout the year. Immediately I thought of friends to whom I would like to give such a calendar. The list grew longer and I realized that it would exceed my financial means, to give a gift to all of them. The solution is to provide a print file.

To give a theme to the calendar, I have restricted the pictures regionally. All photos are from western Ukraine. Represented are synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and other places with a Jewish reference in Galicia, Bukovina, Volhynia and Podolia.

There are two versions of the calendar for download – a German and an English one. Both contain the essential Jewish and Christian holidays (according to the Gregorian calendar).

Creative Commons License

To provide high-resolution images on-line, always brings up a copyright problem. The solution is a Creative Commons license. Printing the calendar for privat purpose is not a problem anyway. Who reproduced the calendar or parts of it, must follow certain rules. The images may not be used for commercial purposes. Who makes changes to the calendar – translations into other languages or adding more holidays by example – has to make it available to others in the same way as I did.
Information on the license is available here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
If you feel confused regarding the license, please ask me!

Technical Specifications

Pages: 13
File type: PDF
Resolution: 300 dpi
Color mode: CMYK
Page size: 600 x 426 mm
Size after trimming: 594 x 420 mm

It is a calendar for 12 months with a cover sheet in A2 size and file properties as expected by most print shops. It makes sense to read the data sheets of on-line print shops and to make changes if necessary.

Where To Print?

Copy shops and on-line print shops offer economic procedures in digital printing. A recommendation for Germany is https://www.wir-machen-druck.de. They print a calendar in A2 for about 10 euros. I am pleased when users share experiences with other print shops in their countries.


>> Download the German version via Dropbox (PDF, 1.18 GB)
>> Download the English version via Dropbox (PDF, 1.47 GB)

An Experiment

This is an experiment. I appreciate your feedback. Have you printed the calendar, and if so, what was the experience? Were there any technical barriers? What changes would you suggest?

12 thoughts on “A Time Of Gifts: Calendar For Free Download

  1. Hello Christian and thank you for this wonderful material :),
    I`ve tried two times already to download, and it fails when it reaches about 1/3 of the document. Perhaps it is because of my internet connection. I`ll try again :).

  2. Christian,

    congratulations on the beautiful thought in preparing this calendar. I shall have it printed out with all your images.

    Wishing you and your team and families Happy Holidays

    Froeliche Weinachten und Ein Gutes Neues Jahr

    Richard Strimber

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  4. Thank you very much for these beautiful photographs as well as for all the others which you shared with us!

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