Between Berlin and Rozdil

I traveled in Ukraine in December, visited Berlin’s Weißensee Jewish cemetery in January, have been to Warsaw and its neighbouring towns of Karczew and Otwock in February. Finally, I had time to edit some of the analogue black and whites from these trips. Here they are…

You may already have been following my travel experiences of the trips in winter. If you like to read or reread the blog posts connected with the new black and whites, please have a look here:

>> Shchyrets and Rozdil in Galicia, Ukraine, in December 2016

>> Weißensee Jewish cemetery in Berlin, Germany, January 2017

>> Bródno Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, Poland, February 2017

>> Karczew and Otwock south of Warsaw, Poland, February 2017

The black and whites from the recent trip to Ukraine are still to come. Stay tuned!

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One thought on “Between Berlin and Rozdil

  1. the black and white photographs are so much more poignant,they really are a link to past times, Thank you so much for making these trips and sharing with us

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